We believe in the 10:20:70 rule in learning new practical skills such as trading options, and this is summarised in our Realisation Roadmap shown below (click on image to enlarge) :

  • Only 10% of learning is from Education e.g. attending training workshops, reading books or doing online courses
  • Another 20% of learning comes from Exposure e.g. watching “how-to” training videos or a live mentor doing it OR from doing simulations e.g. paper trading
  • The real learning, 70% or more, comes from Experience i.e. doing it yourself. Ideally, you would like to have an experienced mentor hold your hand when you are a beginner, to give you confidence and to help you if something unexpected happens.

Our focus is on helping learners gain Exposure and Experience after they have received the basic Education. There are many cheap or free education resources available on options today which can be found in the Resources area of this website. We then provide learners with “how to” training videos on the practical options trading skills as well as an experienced mentor to help learners place and manage their initial trades with confidence. We believe mentoring is very beneficial when learning to trade complex and powerful instruments such as options, especially when you use brokers who do not provide “paper trading” facilities. A simple mistake can easily cost you more than what you pay for mentoring! We currently offer 3 training and mentoring packages:

Package 1 – Training only (AUD 197 one-time charge)

This is our foundation package which provides all the Education and Exposure you need to learn how to trade our Low Risk Income Strategy. The method for training delivery is self-paced training to enable you to learn at your own pace.

Click HERE to get more details about this package. This package is suitable for the true DIY investor who is prepared to spend the time to learn by trial and error.

26/3/2017 – This package is unavailable for purchase until further notice

Package 2 – Training & Mentoring (AUD 1000 one-time charge)*

  • 6 one hour mentoring sessions over 3 month period by an experienced mentor 1

This package is suitable for investors who have the time and aptitude to learn quickly and want some guidance and hand holding when they start live trading.

Package 3 – Training & Extended Mentoring (AUD 3000 one-time charge)*

  • 20 one hour mentoring sessions over a 12 month period by an experienced mentor 1

This package is suitable for novice investors who prefer to take their time to learn and want hand holding for a longer period of time.

Note 1: Mentoring will include a one-on-one mentoring session via video conferencing and email support which would be responded to by the mentor within 48 hours.

* All prices are subject to change.

Contact Us to discuss your mentoring requirements and we can work out a package that is right for you.